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Outsourcing Website Design By the Hour

OUTSOURCING OPTIONS  |  October 25, 2021

photo One of the best things about choosing to outsource your website projects is the flexibility it affords. With outsourcing, you can forgo hiring full-time staff and save on resources without sacrificing the output quality. We at Dojo precisely understand the draw of outsourcing. The flexibility is unmatched, and businesses get exactly what they need. As such, we have tailor-fitted our outsourcing products to meet the demands of our customers. As the name suggests, our Flex Pack options offer flexibility at its finest. This is also the option we recommend to our clients when working with us for the first time.

What is a Flex Pack?

Flex Pack is one of the three outsourcing options offered by Dojo. One Flex Pack is equal to 20 hours a client can use for any custom project. You can hire a designer, developer, data entry expert, or any resource you need per block of hours through this option. You can purchase as many Flex Packs as you want. They can be combined to accomplish more extensive projects. Each pack must be consumed within a specific number of days. There are no contracts required and you can renew as needed. photo Different companies require a variety of tasks from the experts they outsource. Through Dojo’s Flex Pack, you have the freedom to allocate hours to specific projects. You can assign tasks related to design, content creation, page conversion and so on.
  • Flex Pack = 20 hours Purchasing one Flex Pack is an excellent springboard to building a simple website for your company. Twenty hours is enough for a two-page brochure website. If you are more interested in building a brand, one Flex Pack can also be used to create your logo or business card design, and a branding style guide.
  • Flex Lite = 50 hours With 40 hours on your credit, you can start building your website further with valuable content. 50 can be allocated to blog production, content creation, and various data entry tasks that your in-house team cannot accommodate.
  • Flex Bundle = 100 hours Are you interested in building a customized responsive WordPress website? 100 hours can get you to your goal! Build the website of your dreams without committing to a contract with Dojo’s most flexible option!
Once the tasks are assigned to our resource, expect a turnaround time of 1 – 2 days for the first drafts. photo Here at Dojo, we have a pool of experts including full-stack developers, web designers, multimedia designers, QA testers, IT professionals, digital marketing specialists, copywriters, data entry professionals, art directors, project managers, and virtual assistants. We are dedicated to providing businesses, corporations, and start-ups alike, exactly the expertise they need. Interested in outsourcing your website projects through our Flex Packs? Contact us today to learn more.