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The Importance of Branding for Your eCommerce Website

CREATIVE TIPS  |  June 10, 2021

Most individuals associate branding with the visual aspects of a product or company. Often, the logo and the packaging are top of mind as far as branding is concerned. While a company’s logo is an essential aspect of branding, a brand is so much more than a sum of its tangible features.

Branding entails evoking emotion and urging a response. It is all about associating a product with a feeling that drives a person to action. It is a powerful tool that eCommerce companies can take advantage of to influence purchase decisions. If done correctly, branding allows consumers to understand the problem you, as a company, are trying to solve.

Building an eCommerce brand is no simple feat. Especially with the saturated landscape, it can be challenging to differentiate your company from the rest. Nevertheless, the effort you put into shaping your brand is worth it. It pays off in the end tenfold.

Below are a few reasons why branding can influence the trajectory of your eCommerce business:


Branding Strengthens Recognition

Consumers can be both discerning and impatient. They want quality products at a reasonable price, and they want these items now. While some would take the time to do their due diligence in researching a brand, most online shoppers choose the brand that they recognize the most.

As such, maintaining a strong association with a product or service can prove beneficial to your profit margins. The more unique and provoking your brand is, the more accessible consumers would remember it when purchasing.


Branding Improves Your Connection with Consumers

With the wealth of human knowledge at their fingertips, consumers are no longer persuaded by traditional means of advertising. Gone are the days when billboards and TV ads reign supreme. Online shoppers are more likely to patronize a brand that they feel aligns with their personal belief system.

As a business, establishing your brand is a two-step process – identifying your target audience and their concerns, and crafting your brand based on their needs, wants, and frustrations. If your branding speaks to your target market, the more comfortable they are to make a purchase.


Branding Projects Authority

Consumers notice if a company gave thought to its branding. Similar to preparing for big meetings and presentations, being thought of as well-prepared can put you in an excellent position to persuade your audience towards your goal. This rings true for branding. Credible brands that strike a feeling of authority are more attractive because they seem like they can be trusted. At the end of the day, customers prefer to patronize brands they know and trust.

Building an eCommerce brand from the ground up is no easy feat. It can be incredibly challenging for business owners who are new to the game.


Thankfully, you don’t have to endeavor in the competitive world of eCommerce alone. We at Dojo can show you the ropes. We are eager to share our branding expertise with our clients. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to improve your company’s branding.